Jul 29

Miiverse Update Changes Layout, Adds New Features

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Miiverse Redesign

Miiverse underwent a redesign earlier today, streamlining features to make the online community more convenient to use (and to curb unwanted types of posts).

Gone is the ability to post on your own activity feed. Instead, it has been replaced with the Screenshot Album and Play Journal.

Users can now save up to 100 screen shots in a private album. Screen shots can be sorted by game and can be attached to messages to share with others.

Play Journals let you write about your game experiences. Any time you write a Play Journal entry, a screencap of whatever game you were playing before you opened Miiverse is automatically attached.

Individual game communities are now broken up into three different categories – Play Journal Entries, Drawings, Discussion – making it easier to find specific types of posts.

The restriction on posting in quick succession is now more lenient, but in exchange, there is now a 30 post/comment per day limit. However, in-game posts are not included in that count.

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Jul 28

Dragon Quest XI Announced for 3DS and PS4, NX Version Under Consideration

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Square Enix announced today that the next mainline Dragon Quest game will be coming to the 3DS and PS4, with the company currently considering also releasing the game on Nintendo’s unreleased platform code named “NX.”

The 3DS and PS4 versions of Dragon Quest XI will have identical storylines, but differ graphically. In the above video, you’ll see the 3DS version displaying 3D visuals on the top screen, with the exact same scene recreated in 2D on the bottom screen. Things like text position and battle system visuals will change depending on whether the player is using the Circle Pad or D-Pad.

Not as much is known about the PS4 version other than it will run on Unreal Engine 4 and is being co-developed by Orca, who helped out with Dragon Quest X.

Release dates have not been announced nor have plans to bring the game to the West.

Source: Engadget

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Jul 27

Improved Matchmaking Options and Increased Level Cap Coming to Splatoon on August 5

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Splatoon Squad Battle Lobby

Splatoon‘s first major update drops in North America on August 5. It will be completely free and make the following changes:

  • More matchmaking options:
    • Squad Battle: Jump into Ranked Battles with up to four friends
    • Private Battle: Play custom matches privately with up to eight friends online. Players will be able to select whichever game mode, weapons and map they want to use
  • Level cap increase:
    • Max player level will go from 20 to 50
    • Max player rank will be able to go up to S and S+
  • New weapon types:
    • Slosher: Bucket-type weapons that can throw ink over walls or onto high ground
    • Splatling: Charge weapons based on Gatling guns. Charging the weapon allows players to spray powerful rapid-fire shots
  • New gear:
    • More than 40 pieces of clothing will be added to the in-game shops

Nintendo says they plan to continue releasing more content for the game all the way up until at least fall. Among the new content will be the new Ranked Battle mode: Rainmaker.

Source: Press Release

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Jul 26

This Week in Games: “Posting Speedrun Tech” Edition

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In honor of Summer Games Done Quick starting today, this This Week in Games will be done as quickly as possible!

All we have this week is The Legend of Kay Anniversary for the Wii U.

What? This wasn’t an excuse to be lazy. Don’t be silly.

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Jul 25

Japanese Splatoon Commercial Features New Weapons and Game Mode

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The latest Japanese commercial for Splatoon gives us a very quick look at the new Gatling gun and bucket weapons and the new Rainmaker game mode.

While unconfirmed, the game’s wikia offers the following description for the new mode:

“In this mode, two teams fight to obtain a weapon called the ‘Rainmaker’ which is encased in a shield and must be popped out. The goal is to carry the Rainmaker into the opposing team’s base. A scoring system called ‘goal distance’ can also determine the winner. If neither team manages to carry the Rainmaker into the opposing team’s base, whichever team’s goal distance is the lowest will be declared the winner. Your goal distance will decrease as you get closer to the other team’s base. One person from a team carries the Rainmaker and their teammates must protect them as they advance to the enemy base. If that person runs out of time or gets splatted, the Rainmaker will be dropped, allowing the other team to retrieve it. The Rainmaker acts like an Inkzooka, allowing the person carrying it to splat enemies and clear a path. It is currently unknown which maps will use this mode.”

A big update is planned for August, which will introduce more group matchmaking options, including the ability to form parties with four friends and even custom battles with eight friends.

Source: NeoGAF

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Jul 24

Nintendo TVii to Shut Down Next Month

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Nintendo TVii

Nintendo TVii, the Wii U’s second screen TV viewing service, will be shut down, along with its Miiverse community, on August 11.

The service’s concept was sound – use the GamePad to provide complementary information for whatever show the user was currently watching – and yet, despite offering additional features like the ability to pull up shows from on-demand video services, Nintendo TVii was still beaten out by similar services on smartphones and tablets.

Before the service first launched, Nintendo of America ran a special “Reggie Asks” segment with COO Reggie Fils-Aime and some of the developers of Nintendo TVii. It’s sad to see how things turned out, when you look at all the hope and potential the creators had for the service.

Source: Miiverse

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Jul 23

eShop Thursday: “Questionable Religious Content Be Damned” Edition

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Binding of Isaac Rebirth

After what feels like an eternity of struggling to get greenlit for the eShop, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – the enhanced version of the original Binding of Isaac – is finally available for the Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Also dropping this week is the SEGA 3D Classics release of Streets of Rage 2 and DK Jungle Climber for the Wii U Virtual Console.

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Jul 22

Palutena amiibo Goes on Sale this Friday in North America

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Palutena Amiibo

Amazon will open orders for the retailer-exclusive Palutena amiibo at 2 p.m. PST this Friday, July 24.

To make things as fair and civil as possible, Amazon will be limiting purchases to one per customer and will disable one-click ordering. They claim to have “ample quantites” of the figure, but still recommend placing orders as soon as they are available.

Of course, if you don’t feel like dealing with the headache of camping and continuously refreshing a store page, you can always spend the extra 7 to 10 dollars and just get an imported figure.

Source: Amazon

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Jul 21

Nintendo Publishing Devil’s Third in North America This Year

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Devils Third 00

Dispelling the rumors that they’ve backed out of publishing Devil’s Third, Nintendo issued a press release today announcing that they are bringing Ninja Gaiden (2004) and Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki’s Wii U shooter to North America during the fourth quarter of this year.

Interestingly enough, it was also revealed that the developers at Valhalla Game Studios will be releasing a free-to-start version of Devil’s Third for the PC, which will focus on the game’s online multiplayer aspect.

Source: Press Release

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Jul 16

eShop Thursday: “See You All on Tuesday” Edition

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Blaster Master

Might as well use this opportunity to take out two birds with one post. I will be out of town again and will not be able to update the site until Tuesday.

As for this week’s digital offerings, there’s not much. For the noteworthy, we have Blaster Master on the Wii U Virtual Console and the Narita sequel to I am an Air Traffic Controller Airport Hero Hawaii.

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