Oct 22

Ace Attorney 5 Is Getting Voices

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Say goodbye to the beeps and boops from previous Ace Attorney games because Ace Attorney 5 is getting voice acting. Capcom made the announcement was made in the Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream.

The AA5 team understands that there is sure to be some fallout from shifting from sound effect to voice acting, but they still came to their decision after much consideration.

One of the reasons for including voices this time around is that the team didn’t want to deal with the tuning problems that would have arose if they tried to bring the sounds from the DS games over to the surround sound-supporting 3DS.

Another reason is that the team wanted the in-game sequences to work with the voiced, animated cutscenes.

Ace Attorney series director and storywriter Shu Takumi will not be involved in the development of the fifth game. He’s currently busy working on Professor Layton vsAce Attorney. Filling in as director for AA5 is Motohide Eshiro, who worked on Ace Attorney Investigations. Investigations director Tsuyoshi Yamazaki is in charge of AA5‘s scenario.Ace Attorney 5 will be released in 2013 in Japan.Source: Siliconera [via CVG]

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