Nov 19

Nintendo Is Aware Long OS Load Times, Freezing Issues on Wii U

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One of the problems with the new Wii U OS is that navigating menus and opening apps takes an unnaturally long amount of time. It’s apparently enough of an issue that Nintendo has issued a statement about it.

“We are aware that users are experiencing load times when they launch or switch between applications. We are exploring ways to enhance features for consumers’ overall experience.”

A few Wii U owners have also reported having the system freeze on them. In the event this happens to your Wii U, Nintendo recommends doing the following:

“Instances of system freezing are rare and unlikely to occur. If your system has frozen unexpectedly, do the following:

  • Reset your system by unplugging it from the wall for 10 seconds.
  • Ensure your system is kept current with available system updates (How to).”


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