May 7

XSEED JKS Is Now Marvelous USA, Will Still Retain XSEED Games Brand

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XSEED JKS, Inc., the main company behind the publisher XSEED Games, is being rebranded as Marvelous USA, Inc.

Despite the new name, nothing will really change at the company. PC, console and handheld games will continue to be published under the XSEED Games name and mobile games will use the Marvelous Online name.

President and CEO of XSEED, now Marvelous USA Shinichi Suzuki explained that the change was for unification purposes.

“Marvelous USA unifies our US operations under the global Marvelous brand while giving our customers topnotch products and support for both traditional and online social and mobile games. Our XSEED Games console and PC brand will continue to offer the quality games and service for which it is known, and Marvelous Online gives us expanded reach into mobile and online social gaming markets.”

Ken Barry will still continue to be in charge of the publishing of XSEED Games titles, while Tatsuya Nishioka will handle Marvelous Online’s operations.

Source: NeoGAF, Cubed3

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