May 20

Sonic: Lost World Coming to Japan This Fall

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Sonic Lost World Exclusive

Sonic’s Wii U/3DS outing is dated for fall 2013, according to SEGA of Japan’s official facebook page.

Rough translation of the company’s message:

“Sonic The latest series of [Pick Up SEGA] long-awaited announcement at last!

At last!
The latest of “Sonic” series – I was presented

As for the name ”
Sonic Lost World “!
♪ It is expected to release in the fall of 2013 in two models of Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

Although you can not tell only about this just yet …
Please look forward to the follow-up to be worried about ☆”

SEGA hasn’t stated whether the date is just for the Japanese release. Until one is announced, it is assumed that it only applies to Japan.

Source: facebook

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