Jul 29

Ghostlight Needs 1,800 Pre-Orders to Release Devil Survivor 2 in Europe

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Earlier this month, publisher Ghostlight revealed that European retailers weren’t willing to stock Devil Survivor 2, likely due to it being a niche title for the nearly obsolete DS.

However, instead of cancelling the game, Ghostlight offered up an ultimatum to the game’s fans: If enough people pre-order the game from the Ghostlight store, Devil Survivor 2 will get a European release.

At the time, the publisher didn’t say how many units they would need to sell, but after crunching the numbers, they’ve announced that they need approximately 1,800 pre-orders to break even on the title.

Ghostlight is planning to offer two pre-order packages:

  • Standalone Version
    • Only includes Devil Survivor 2, but you have the option to have your name printed in the game’s manual.
    • £24.99/€29.99
  • Devil Survivor 2/Overclocked Bundle
    • Includes Devil Survivor 2 and Devil Survivor Overclocked
    • £10.00 cheaper than getting both games individually.
    • Bundle also gives you the option to put your name in the Devil Survivor 2 manual.
    • £49.98/€59.98

Both packages will only be available for one month. If they don’t reach their quota, Ghostlight will provide full refunds to everyone who got the standalone version. Anyone who opted for the bundle will only get back £24.99, but they will still get their copy of Devil Survivor Overclocked at a £10 discount.

Source: Ghostlight Blog

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