Oct 30

Nintendo Posts Net Profit Despite Weak Wii U Sales

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Nintendo published its second quarter earnings release today. The report, which covers the six-month period from April to September, pretty much repeats what we’ve heard before – The 3DS is doing well, while the Wii U continues to hurt the company.

Overall, the company is doing better, posting a net profit of ¥600 million (≈$6.1 million). A massive improvement over the ¥28 billion (≈$285 million) net loss during the same period last year.

Several 3DS titles saw big sales over the past six months, including Tomodachi Collection, which sold 1.63 million units since its launch in Japan last April. Animal Crossing: New Leaf also performed well, selling 2.49 million units worldwide.

Thanks to that strong wave of software, the 3DS managed to sell 3.89 million units worldwide this period, bringing the total number of 3DS units sold to 34.98 million.

Meanwhile, the Wii U is still struggling to grow its global presence. Despite getting big-name releases like Pikmin 3 and Wind Waker HD, the console only managed to sell 460,000 units worldwide since April. The Wii U has sold 3.91 million units in total.

Nintendo does believe things will pick up eventually. They predict the Wii U will sell 9 million units by March 31, 2014. However, they have much higher hopes for the 3DS, predicting 18 million units sold in the same amount of time.

Source: Nintendo IR page

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