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Nintendo Direct Recap: November 13, 2013

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As expected, there weren’t any new game announcements during today’s Nintendo Direct. However, we did learn that Nintendo is planning to add Nintendo Network IDs, Miiverse and YouTube to the 3DS. There are also a few updates coming to some Wii U programs.

If you don’t want to watch the full 32-minute video, we have a detailed breakdown after the jump.

  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
    • New trailer
    • Nintendo’s releasing mini trailers on their Instagram page
    • Fast travel across Hyrule and Lorule is possible with Irene the witch
    • Exchange Shadow Link data with others through StreetPass
      • Defeat other players’ data to earn Rupees
      • Shadow Link’s bounty changes depending on their total amount of health and the items they have
    • Game and 3DS XL bundle both launch on November 22
  • Mario Party: Island Tour
    • The full game is accessible from one game card through download play
    • Compete with other player’s ghost data in StreetPass mini-games
    • Coming to the eShop and retail on November 22
  • Bravely Default
    • Use the Brave and Default options to gain an advantage in battle
      • Default boosts your defense and builds Brave points
      • Brave points let you use stronger attacks
    • Fast forward through battles by using the D-Pad
    • Use Sleep Points to stop time and continuously attack the enemy
    • Gain Sleep Points by leaving the 3DS in Sleep Mode with the game running
    • Launches February 7 in the eShop and retail
    • Collector’s Edition coming to select retailers. Includes:
      • A copy of the game
      • Art book
      • 34 AR Cards
      • Soundtrack CD
  • Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
    • The final game in the second Layton trilogy
    • Solve the mystery behind a hidden mummy and an ancient civilization
    • Coming to the eShop and retail on February 28
  • Nintendo Zone
    • You can now get StreetPass data from up to six people when you pass a Nintendo Zone location
    • The Best Buy-exclusive Animal Crossing: New Leaf items are now available at all Nintendo Zone locations
    • Rare Super Mario 3D Land Mystery Box distribution coming November 22
    • Nintendo Zones will also be used to distribute special Miis
  • 3DS Firmware Update
    • Coming next month
    • Will allow you to share funds between the Wii U and 3DS by logging in with your Nintendo Network ID
    • You will not be able to do this if the NNIDs on the Wii U or 3DS are not the same
    • Paid content can still be purchased without a NNID. This is so you can spend any remaining balance currently on your 3DS
    • Adds Miiverse and YouTube
    • Wii U YouTube update allows you to browse content on the GamePad while watching videos on the TV screen. Coming later this month
  • Pikmin 3
    • Round 3 Mission mode DLC adds four new Collect Treasure stages and four new Battle Enemies stages, including one where you play as Olimar
    • Finding Louie in the stages will allow you to play as him
    • Coming December 2 along with a required software update
    • Get two “Fortress of Festivity” stages free for updating
  • Animal Crossing Plaza
    • Future update will add stamps you can use in Miiverse messages and a ranking system
    • These stamps can only be used when posting from supported software (i.e. through Animal Crossing Plaza or Super Mario 3D Land)
    • Users can participate in polls on things like “Who would make the best secretary?” and view the results online
    • Polls will take place every month until the plaza closes at the end of 2014
    • You will also be able to register your town’s residents to hang out in the plaza
    • Move and delete multiple pictures
    • Save images from Plaza posts to your album
    • Update goes live this evening
  • eShop Indie Offerings
  • Super Mario 3D World

    • Use the GamePad and microphone to interact with stages
    • There are a variety of stage types
      • Captain Toad stages that challenge you to collect stars without jumping
      • Speed Run stages give you 100 seconds to complete the level
      • Rapid Fire challenges give you a green star for completing quick tasks
      • Top-Down Shooter stages have you taking down waves of enemies
      • Kart-Style stages have you dashing to the end of the stage
      • Luigi Bros. is a throwback to the original Mario Bros. arcade game. Unlocked from the start if you have New Super Luigi U save data.
    • Spoilers: Rosalina is an unlockable character
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