May 7

[Update] More News from the Financial Meeting: Advance Wars DS2?

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[Update] I made a mistake. There is no new Advance Wars game. The listing was for Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, which I didn’t realize hadn’t come out in Japan.

As a side note, my predictions were way off. Expecting a Kirby no-show? Jeez. I am really eating humble pie.

It looks like there’s a new Advance Wars game heading down the pipes. In the supplementary document to Nintendo’s Financial Results Briefing, Famicom Wars DS 2 is listed as To Be Announced for Japan, but unlike Kirby, I have a good feeling that this will actually come out.

No other information has been given, so we don’t know where the game will take place or if we’ll be battling it out as the crew from Days of Ruin or Dual Strike.

I liked the gameplay changes in Days of Ruin and I hope they continue to refine it instead of throwing in more units and powers to the point where it breaks the game balance (lookin’ at you, Dual Strike).

That said, the lighthearted art style from the pre-DoR games was so much better than the new, dark style in the second DS outing. The character portraits are fine, but the units were really generic and lacked the individuality of the different armies in Dual Strike.

If Intelligent Systems can strike a compromise between the outlandish tone and overblown powers of Dual Strike and the refined gameplay changes in Days of Ruin, they’ll have my day one dollars.


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