Mar 31

Nintendo of America Makes Changes to Rusty in Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

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Rusty's Real Deal Baseball ENG

Rusty's Real Deal Baseball JP

Nintendo’s no stranger to editing content for Western audiences, and it looks like the upcoming eShop free-to-play Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball will be the latest game to get some changes.

To most likely not offend people with what could be considered a Japanese caricature, Rusty, the in-game shop owner, has undergone several design changes. Above is Rusty(Top) and his Japanese counterpart Inuji (Bottom).

Rusty now has a longer face, bigger eyes, smaller nostrils, brown hair and doesn’t have buck teeth. Oddly enough, the person on the box behind him also received a couple of changes to his physical appearance.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball comes out this Thursday in North America.

Source: Tiny Cartridge

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