Sep 21

This Week in Games: “Just Don’t Mess With Him” Edition

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Hyrule Warriors launches this Friday, giving people the opportunity to mow down hordes of enemies with Link and company and answer the question: “Do you see what you get when you mess with the WARRIOR?!”

New Disney Infinity sets based on the Marvel universe are heading to store shelves this week. There’s the Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 starter set and playsets based on Guardians of the Galaxy and Ultimate Spider-Man.

Legacy Editions (read: roster updates) of FIFA 15 are also coming out this week for the 3DS and Wii.

Wii U:

– September 23:

  • Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes – 2.0 Edition
  • Disney Infinity: Guardians of the Galaxy Playset
  • Disney Infinity: Ultimate Spider-Man Playset

– September 26:

  • Hyrule Warriors


– September 23:

  • FIFA 15


– September 23:

  • Nothing


– September 23:

  • FIFA 15
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