Mar 28

Xenoblade Chronicles Director on Balancing Story and Gameplay

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The latest “Iwata Asks” interview has Tetsuya Takahashi, the director of Xenoblade Chronicles, sitting down with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata to discuss the upcoming New 3DS port.

While most of the interview is actually spent reminiscing about childhood memories, tokusatsu shows and the 1970 Japan World Expo, the two do touch on the development of the original Wii game, where Takahashi discusses the importance of story versus gameplay.

“To give a brief outline of the structure of JRPG, first you have the story as the y-axis, and the game system and game play as the x-axis, and it’s really important to keep those two things balanced.”

Harkening back to his days working on the Final Fantasy series at Square Enix (then Square), Takahashi expressed his concerns that the series at the time was beginning to focus more on story over gameplay – something he didn’t want when he began working on the Xenoblade series.


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