Jun 28

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Fan Patch Brings Back Swimsuit Costumes

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions Fan Patch

Several changes were made to Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for its English release. Among them were the aging up of characters and costumes made to be less revealing. The latter change actually led to the second chapter of the game being heavily modified from being about bikini modeling to just regular fashion modeling.

For those not satisfied with the changes, there is a fan-made patch that aims to revert the game’s content so it is closer to the original Japanese release. The latest version makes the following changes:

  • Reverted costumes back to Bikini’s, also changing the menu icons back and their original names and descriptions.
  • Completely redid Chapter 2 and a few other small files to return references to Gravure Modelling, this also uses the original voice files.
  • Fixed any map changes relating to pictures in dungeons that were changed.
  • Swapped the English files out for Japanese versions for retranslated files.
  • Healing points no longer come in envelopes.
  • Changed Profiles to reflect the character’s real ages and change back references to Gravure Modeling.
  • Reverted any censored prerendered Cutscene files.

The patch will not work with a disc of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, so extra work is required to create a dump of the game. Detailed instructions on how to set everything up are available on GBAtemp. It is heavily recommended that you read it all before actually attempting to apply the patch.

Source: Shacknews

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