Aug 29

Mutant Mudds Developer Renegade Kid Shutting Down

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Texas-based developer Renegade Kid, best known for their Dementium and Mutant Mudds games, issued a press release today announcing the closure of the studio after nearly 10 years in the business.

The company’s co-founders, Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove, have parted on amicable terms and are each going on to create their own new game studios. Watsham’s studio Atooi will retain rights to all of Renegade Kid’s 2D games, including the Mutant Mudds games and Treasurenauts, while Hargrove’s studio Infitizmo will keep the rights to all of Renegade Kid’s 3D games, including the Dementium series and Moon Chronicles.

In an interview published by Nintendo Life today, Watsham and Hargrove disclosed that 0ne of the major reasons for closing down Renegade Kid was finances.

“…it has been a great financial challenge and an extreme workload for the entire team to maintain a balance between cash flow, staying competitive with our games, and spending quality time with our families and friends,” Watsham said. “Couple these realities with the desire to achieve personal goals, Gregg and I came to the difficult decision to each pursue solo ventures and close Renegade Kid.”

The company site for Atooi is already up, with a link to their first published game Totes the Goats for iOS. Infitizmo also has a site, but it is currently under construction.


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