Mar 11

Konami Addressing Super Bomberman R Control Lag Issue

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Konami is not ready to roll out an update to deal with the control latency issue plaguing some Super Bomberman R players. However, in a news post on the game’s official website, the company said they were making it a priority and will also continue to support the game with updates designed to improve the user’s experience.

Thank you for playing Super Bomberman R and we greatly appreciate your feedback.
We are aware that some players are experiencing control lag issues and are currently working to improve the situation.
Our first priority is to adjust control response times which will improve both the online experience and control lag during offline battles.
We will share more information about the update’s release date very soon.
Future updates are also planned as we work hard to continuously improve the experience for players, both online and offline.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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