Apr 14

Nintendo: Switch is the Fastest-Selling System in Company History

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More than 906,000 Nintendo Switch units were sold last month in the U.S., according to figures gathered by the market research firm NPD Group. With that debut, Nintendo of America claims that the new portable console hybrid is now the fastest-selling Nintendo system in the company’s history.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also performed incredibly well in its first month, selling more than a combined 1.3 million units across the Switch and Wii U.

The Switch version of the game actually managed to sell 925,000 units – approximately 19,000 more units than there were Switch consoles sold – which means the game has an attach rate of more than 100 percent. While it is impossible to determine why the game sold more than the system it is actually on, Nintendo attributes the gap to people who purchased a limited edition of the game for collection purposes and a second version to play.

Nintendo will go into more detail regarding global sales when they put out their fiscal-year earnings release on April 27.

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