Jun 20

Switch Update Adds Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad and Mayflash Adapter Support

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The Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad that HORI launched alongside the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament is apparently compatible with the Switch after the system’s most recent firmware update.

The controller does not have analog sticks, a Home button or a screenshot button, but it will still work with any Switch game that does not require them, like PuyoPuyo Tetris or the ACA NeoGeo titles.

Switch users have also discovered that the Mayflash GameCube controller adapter also works with the Switch, albeit with a few caveats: It needs to be plugged in with the black USB plug, the adapter needs to be in PC mode and the controller must be plugged into controller port 2.

When it does work, the analog stick functions as a D-Pad and the C-Stick is not mapped properly. Multiple controllers will act only as a single controller.

Source: r/NintendoSwitch

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