Jun 30

Sin & Punishment 2 Hard? Please.

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This is another “What the Hell is wrong with you?” rants, so skip it if you don’t want to hear me whine about how much you guys suck at games now.

So I’m reading some of the reviews of Sin & Punishment 2 floating around the internet, and I’m noticing that some people are complaining about the game being difficult on its Normal setting.

Really? With this and the garbage I’m hearing about Mario Galaxy‘s purple coin challenge, I seriously have to wonder what happened to you guys. Have years of playing games where health regenerates so long as you’re not being shot in the face repeatedly let your gaming muscles atrophy? This is called a challenge. It’s meant to make you play better. Try gritting it out. The game wasn’t meant to be easy.

Nowhere in Sin & Punishment 2 is there ever a moment where the player should feel like they’re being cheated. The game is polished to the point that anytime you die, it was likely your fault for not paying attention to the storm of bullets.

Hell, its not like this thing is Battletoads difficult.

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