Jul 30

New Pokémon Black/White Info

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The latest trailer for Pokémon Black and White covers all the stuff you can do with your enslaved critters when you’re not sending them out to fight for their lives.

New to Generation V are events called Pokémon Musicals. If the Super Contests from previous games were the color purple, then the Musicals just turned that up to an intense shade of lavender.

Judging from the video, trainers can accessorize their pokémon and have them perform on stage, possibly for ribbons or other nonsensical trinkets.

The internet functions of B/W were also elaborated on. Dubbed Pokémon Dream, trainers will be able to upload pokémon to a special website that lets you grow berries or encounter other pokémon that you can engage in battle back on the DS.

A few new characters were introduced, most notable being the two grunts for the new “bad guys” Team Plasma (seen at the :40 – :41 mark). A bunch of minor trainers you’ll encounter in Isshu were also shown near the end of the trailer. It looks like we’ll get to cross paths with bakers, football players and nurses.

For more details on some of the other aspects featured, Bulbagarden has an excellent summary of the new trailer.


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