Dec 28

The Last Story’s Presentation Uploaded for Viewing

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To help promote his latest project, The Last Story, creator Hironobu Sakaguchi held a live presentation yesterday evening. Details on the game’s battle system, story and other elements were touched on during the show.

While we have embedded the presentation here, the video is also available on Ustream and Nintendo’s site.

A list of all the show’s highlights have been posted after the break. (Thanks, Cubed3!)

From Cubed3:

– Elza’s wind magic can be used to disperse the Magic Circles of enemies
– free-for-all battle mode does allow for characters other than Elza to be used
– swim ability
– characters can strip down to their underwear
– Kanan’s theme song is sung by artist Kanon
– Mario Club worked on The Last Story for nine months, which seems to be the longest testing period ever put in by the team
– in free-for-all combat, every time you defeat someone you get a point
– play online with random people or friend codes

– there’s a secret about the sleeve packaging for the game
– Fujisaka says the logo and the main illustration showing Elza and Kanan are his favorite pieces of art for the game
– Uematsu says he likes the main theme song the most
– Sakaguchi said that the first three songs Uematsu submitted were all wrong
– everyone talks as you run through a dungeon
– Shokunin Street is where all the workers gather
– shoot bananas at people with the ‘banana shot’
– Arganon bridge is one of the two bridges connecting Central Plaza to the rest of Ruli City
– Kanan can cast Holy, which forms a barrie
– turn the camera control on and off for the event camera adjustments
– set the controls so that A will forward through the events
– black circle is a heal circle for the enemy
– use Wind on Jackal’s ice magic circle to make the enemies slip
– spread the effect of multiple Magic Circles by making your Wind magic target both Magic Circles
– enemies tend to first turn their sights on your weaker mages
– use Z for enemy targeting mode to see weak points
– using the analogue stick and A, you can dive to avoid enemy attack
– at one point, Elza walks into a fire magic circle, giving his sword flame properties
– Elza can be given the ability to destroy a pillar
– even in auto mode, you use B to guard
– attack is auto or manual, depending on what you want
– hold down B while walking to leap over obstacles
– tutorials are done using videos
– Chapter 01 is called Lizard’s Cave
– the dev team is giving 120% and working as if it would be their last title
– hide behind objects by pressing the “A” button
– “C” to activate gathering
– real time battle system
– target background objects
– use Yuris’ magic to shatter ledges from a distance
– when casting a spell, Yuris floats and a number appears over his head
– if hit during this number period, the spell is broken
– Cocoon is a boss from the first area
– scan for an enemy’s weak point and use the power of magic circles to damage the boss
– “Prominence” circle sends a blast of flame
– “Recovery” circle as well to restore a party’s health
– other characters can shout at a boss/enemy to lure them
– Freeze Circle hits enemies with ice magic and causes slip status
– use the wind ability for a Freeze Circle to blow away the enemy heal effect
– a bunch of item names spin when you open a treasure chest, and you get whatever item it lands on
– another boss battle with an enemy called Muruu
– use a Holy Circle to protect your party with a barrie
– give characters direct orders
– change weapons on the fly to deal more damage
– quick time event where Elza can press A to jump up on an enemy and then hit A again to attack
– fast forwarding feature lets you speed through event scenes by holding the A button
– voice stops while fast-forwarding, but resumes as soon as you stop fast-forwarding
– purchase different kinds of armor at a shop and then equip them to style your character
– armor/item examples: feather armor and heavy legs, dragon armor, one piece dress
– another boss revealed: Monstrous Spider
– bigger attacks like Meteor and Accelerate

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