Oct 19

Code of Princess Is Like Guardian Heroes for the 3DS

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…If Guardian Heroes starred a scantily-clad woman instead of a band of warriors, that is.

Protagonist aside, Agatsuma Entertainment’s Code of Princess really does have quite a bit in common with the Sega Saturn classic. Not that that’s a bad thing. Code of Princess features side-scrolling hack and slash goodness mixed with minor RPG elements. Also, battles take place along multiple 2D planes just like Guardian Heroes.

In addition to being able to be a one woman horde-slaughtering army, Code of Princess will reportedly include online competitive and quest-based co-op modes.

Code of Princess revolves around the story of Solange. Using a holy sword given to her from her father, our heroine fights various monsters in an attempt to restore peace between humans and monsters.

Yeah, I don’t get how that works, either. Maybe it’s like the whole “Fight Mega Man! For everlasting peace” thing.

Expect to see Code of Princess in Japan this spring.

Source: 1UP, Famitsu.com

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