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ESA Issues Statement in Support of SOPA

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The Entertainment Software Association is still a supporter of the Stop Online Piracy Act. So while companies like Nintendo, Sony and EA may have removed their names from the list of SOPA supporters, as members of the ESA, they, and many other companies, are still in support of the bill, albeit indirectly.

In support of their stance, the ESA issued this statement to Joystiq:

“As an industry of innovators and creators, we understand the importance of both technological innovation and content protection, and do not believe the two are mutually exclusive. Rogue websites – those singularly devoted to profiting from their blatant illegal piracy – restrict demand for legitimate video game products and services, thereby costing jobs. Our industry needs effective remedies to address this specific problem, and we support the House and Senate proposals to achieve this objective. We are mindful of concerns raised about a negative impact on innovation. We look forward to working with the House and Senate, and all interested parties, to find the right balance and define useful remedies to combat willful wrongdoers that do not impede lawful product and business model innovation.”

It’s true that technological innovation and content protection aren’t mutually exclusive, but as it is right now, SOPA is an incredibly vague bill that would give far to much power to corporations in determining what constitutes an infringement of properties. It’s hardly the right direction to be heading in wanting to curb internet piracy.

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling has drafted a pair of letters in opposition of the bill and has compiled a list of contact information for anyone to use in voicing their disapproval towards SOPA.

Source: Joystiq, Destructoid

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