Jan 30

Capcom Is Working on Ace Attorney 5

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In celebration of the series’ 10th anniversary, Capcom revealed the logo for the fifth Ace Attorney game and officially announced that development on the project is underway.

Suspiciously absent were announcements of a time frame for release and a specified platform.

The series has made its home on the Game Boy Advance and DS (with a Professor Layton crossover introducing the series to the 3DS), which suggests that Ace Attorney 5 will appear on the 3DS. However, early Ace Attorney games have been getting re-released in Apple’s App Store, which doesn’t rule out a possible jump in platform.

Speaking of re-releases, Capcom also announced Ace Attorney 123HD, a compilation of the first three Ace Attorney games featuring higher resolution artwork, for iOS and Android. The first two chapters of the game will be available for free, with additional chapters priced at ¥600. The full game will also be available for ¥1,200.

Anyone who previously purchased the Ace Attorney games in the App Store will be able to update their game with the new artwork at no additional cost.

Source: Famitsu.com, Andriasang

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