May 14

Past Gym Leaders Return in Pokémon Black and White 2

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Gym leaders, Champions and notable trainers from previous Pokémon games will make appearances in Pokémon Black and White 2 and you’ll be able to battle against them in the new Pokémon World Tournament.

Run by the Sinnoh region Champion Cynthia, the Pokémon World Tournament is a new feature simlar to the Battle Tower/Frontier/Subway from past games, where players run through a gauntlet of challenging trainers.

The trainers confirmed to appear in the Pokémon World Tournament are:

  • Brock (Pewter City Gym Leader)
  • Misty (Cerulean City Gym Leader)
  • Lt. Surge (Vermillion City Gym Leader)
  • Erika (Celadon City Gym Leader)
  • Janine (Fushia City Gym Leader)
  • Blaine (Cinnabar Island Gym Leader)
  • Giovanni (Viridian City Gym Leader/Team Rocket Leader)
  • Blue (Viridian City Gym Leader/Kanto region Champion)
  • Lance (Kanto Elite Four/Johto region Champion)
  • Steven (Hoenn region Champion)
  • Volkner (Sunnyshore City Gym Leader)
  • Cynthia (Sinnoh Region Champion)
  • Akuroma (Pokémon Professor)

Source: Serebii [via Siliconera]

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