Jul 20

Nintendo Offering Incentives for Digital Download Purchases in Japan [Update: Double Coins in North America]

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[Update: North American Club Nintendo members will get double Coins for buying the digital version of New Super Mario Bros. 2.]

Anyone who opts for the eShop versions of New Super Mario Bros. 2 or Demon Training will not only get a free digital copy of the original Donkey Kong, they’ll also receive double the Club Nintendo points for each title.

Customers will actually receive the “Original Edition” of Donkey Kong, which includes the “cement factory” level that was cut from the Famicom release. This version has never been sold to the public, though it was given away with European Mario 25th Anniversary Wiis.

As an added bonus, Club Nintendo members who pick up both games will get an additional 20 Coins on top of the doubled amount they get for purchasing the digital versions.

This promotion has only been announced for Japan. No word on whether other territories will offer similar deals.

Source: Wired, Andriasang

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