Buy Two, Get One Free on Video Games at Target

April 07th, 2014 | Category: Uncategorized


Target’s having a big “buy two, get one” sale on most of their video game selection this week.

Things like the Skylanders and Disney Infinity starter packs don’t appear to be eligible for the deal, but they are on sale for $39.99. Individual figures for these games, on the other hand, do qualify.

The deal ends this Saturday, April 12.

Source: CAG

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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Coming to the Wii U

March 05th, 2014 | Category: Uncategorized

Drinkbox Studios recently announced Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, an updated version of the original Guacamelee!, for the Wii U, PS4, Xbox One and 360.

The game contains all the DLC and extras from the PC Gold Edition release along with new levels, bosses and abilities.

A release date hasn’t been announced.

Source: Shacknews

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Wii U Passes 360 in Lifetime Sales in Japan

February 26th, 2014 | Category: Uncategorized

Wii U Console Black

Nintendo can now say the Wii U isn’t the worst selling console currently on the market in Japan.

Figures from Media Create show that the console has recently surpassed the Xbox 360 in lifetime-to-date sales, with 1,643,095 Wii Us sold in the region. That’s just a little more than 1,500 units more than the 360.

Famitsu’s numbers are a bit higher, with a reported 1,647,620 Wii U’s sold. If we go off their figures, the Wii U passed the 360 in LTD sales weeks ago.

Source: NeoGAF

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Warner Bros. Announces Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition

February 20th, 2014 | Category: Uncategorized

Armature Studio, the developers of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for the 3DS and Vita, are porting the game over to the Wii U, 360, PS3 and PC as Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition.

The game will feature several notable improvements over its handheld predecessor, including better visuals, new maps, new skins, new enemies and more difficulty options.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition is set to launch on April 1 in North America and April 2 in Europe.

Source: Cubed3

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Mighty No. 9 3DS/Vita Stretch Goal Announced

September 27th, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

Mighty No. 9 Stretch Goals

There’s a chance that Comcept’s Mega Man-inspired platformer Mighty No. 9 could come to the 3DS and Vita if they raise enough money.

The latest Kickstarter stretch goal is set at $3,500,000. At the time of this post, the total amount of pledges sit at $2,658,244. So, that means there’s only four days to raise $842,000.

In related Mighty No. 9 news, voting has opened for the design of Call, Beck’s support and assistant to Dr. Sanda. Basically, she is to Beck and Roll is to Mega Man.

This round of voting is open to the public, but after the top three designs are chosen they will be refined and voted on again, this time by backers only.

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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Gets Funded

September 23rd, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

WayForward’s HD adventure Shantae: Half-Genie Hero has reached its $400,000 goal on Kickstarter and has successfully been funded.

The fourth game in the Shantae series will now be coming to the Wii U, PS3, PS4, VITA/VITA TV, 360, Xbox One and Steam.

Just because they’ve hit their goal early doesn’t mean there isn’t any reason to keep funding the project. There’s still 10 days to raise enough money to fund additional content like bonus chapters, alternate costumes and the ability to play as Shantae’s rival, Risky Boots.

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Mighty No. 9 Coming to Consoles

September 17th, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

Mighty No. 9

The Mighty No. 9 kickstarter broke the $2.2 million mark and reached another stretch goal, which means the game will come out for the Wii U, PS3 and 360.

The game’s already hit its $900,000 goal, but there are still plenty of stretch goals to be met. There’s exactly two weeks left to raise money to get extra features like Challenge Mode, extra stage/boss, online co-op challenge mode and PS4 and Xbox One release.

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Child of Light Is A JRPG-Inspired Title from Ubisoft

September 10th, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

At their Digital Days event, Ubisoft announced Child of Light, a new downloadable adventure from the creative director and lead writer of Far Cry 3.

The game draws heavy inspiration from JRPGs and classic fairytales, combining turn-based combat with watercolor, storybook visuals.

Bringing the game’s visuals to life is the UbiArt Framework engine, the same engine used in Rayman Legends.

Description of the story from the press release:

The game puts players in the shoes of Aurora, a child stolen from her home, who, in her quest to return, must bring back the sun, the moon and the stars held captive by the mysterious Queen of the Night. Helped by her companion Igniculus the firefly and several unlikely allies, Aurora will face her darkest fears, including dragons and other mystical creatures in this modern take on a coming-of-age story.

Child of Light is coming to Wii U, PS3, PS4, 360, Xbox One and PC in 2014.

Source: Press Release

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New CRYENGINE to Support Wii U, PS4, Xbox One and PC

August 21st, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

Crytek announced today the newest version of their proprietary CRYENGINE game engine.

One of the major changes in this release is the support for pretty much every major gaming system under the Sun – Wii U, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 360 and PC.

Crytek Business Development Director Carl Jones outlined some of the other changes and tweaks made for the new release.

“We have revolutionized many parts of the engine: we have overhauled our entire lighting system, built movie quality character rendering and animation solutions, vastly improved the speed and effectiveness of our Sandbox editor, and even our rendering has changed with tessellation, pixel accurate displacement mapping and now physical based rendering;”

The last time an iteration of the CryEngine appeared on a Nintendo console was a modified CryEngine 1 used for FarCry: Vengeance for the Wii.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Passing Over Wii U, Xbox One and PS4

June 04th, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized


The next yearly installment of the Pro Evolution Soccer series won’t be coming to the next generation of consoles, according to a press release sent out by developer Konami.

Adam Bhatti, the Pro Evolution Soccer Community Manager for Europe, says that the reason for skipping on the Xbox One and PS4 is because they don’t want to simply create a port.

“In the past people accused us of being lazy,” Bhatti said on Twitter. “We’re adamant of not making the same mistakes, and making sure we create amazing football games. It’s hardly amazing making the nextgen version prettier. We shouldn’t have that mentality, and you shouldn’t expect that. Aim higher.”

As for the Wii U version, Bhatti understands that there is demand for the game, but he says it’s just a matter of the install base not being big enough to warrant dedicating the resources for it.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will be coming to PS3, 360, PC and PSP later this year.

Source: Press Release, @Adam_Bhatti

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