New Pokémon and Hyper Training Announced for Pokémon Sun and Moon

July 19th, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

In the latest trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon, not only do we get our first look at Mimikyu and Bewear (Kiteruguma in the Japanese release) in English, we also get a preview of four more pokémon set to make their debuts.

  • Wimpod
    • Turn Tail Pokémon
    • Type: Bug/Water
    • Ability: Wimp Out
      • If this Pokémon’s HP drops below half in battle, it will run away or swap out for another Pokémon
  • Bounsweet
  • Comfey
    • Posy Picker Pokémon
    • Type: Fairy
    • Ability: Flower Veil/Triage
      • Triage gives this Pokémon’s restorative moves gain the highest priority in battle
  • Mudsdale
    • Draft Horse Pokémon
    • Type: Ground
    • Ability: Own Tempo/Stamina
      • Stamina increases this Pokémon’s Defense by 1 when it’s hit by an attack

The new pair of games will also introduce Hyper Training, a new method of strengthening your pokémon that appears to involve increasing their Individual Values.

Changes are also coming to the Pokémon Global Link, including giving players the ability to organize their own online competitions.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are set to launch on November 18 for most of the world and on November 23 in Europe.

Source: Pokémon Sun and Moon official site

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Two New Pokémon Revealed in The Latest Issue of CoroCoro

July 12th, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

Pokemon Kiteruguma Mimikkyu

Leaks from the latest issue of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro show two new pokémon set to make their debut in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Kiteruguma is a dangerously strong Normal/Fighting dual-type that likes to hug trainers. It has the abilities Fluffy and Klutz.

Mimikkyu is a Ghost/Fairy-type that covers itself in cloth resembling Pikachu, hoping to be loved as much as the series icon. Another reason it keeps itself covered is because it dislikes sunlight. It is rumored that anyone that tries to remove Mimikkyu’s cover falls prey to a mysterious illness. It has the ability Disguise.

Source: Serebii

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New Pokémon, Salandit, Can Poison Steel- and Poison-Type Pokémon

July 07th, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

The dual-type Poison and Fire pokémon Salandit is the newest addition to the Pokémon Sun and Moon roster and it brings with it the brand new Corrosion ability, which allows it to poison Steel- and Poison-type pokémon, both of which were previously immune to the status effect.

Last week, the official Pokémon YouTube channel released a trailer debuting seven new pokémon for Sun and Moon.


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Shaymin is July’s Free Mythical Pokémon Giveaway

July 03rd, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

Shaymin 2016

A new month means a new Mythical Pokémon for Nintendo and The Pokémon Company to give away as part of their continued celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary. This month it is Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokémon.

Connecting your copy of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, X or Y to the Nintendo Network between now and July 24 will net you the Grass-type. It knows the moves Seed Flare, Aromatherapy, Substitute and Energy Ball.


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[Update] Seven New Pokémon Introduced in the Latest Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer

June 30th, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

[Update: Now in English]

The latest trailer from the Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel gives us our first look at seven new pokémon appearing in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

Their names and types (in order of appearance):

  • Tapukoko: Electric/Fairy
  • Charjabug: Bug/Electric
  • Vikavolt: Bug/Electric
  • Drampa: Normal/Dragon
  • Bruxish: Water/Psychic
  • Cutiefly:Bug/Fairy
  • Togedemaru: Electric/Steel-type

There is also a brief introduction of the Legendary Pokémon Zygarde’s new 10 Percent and Complete Formes, which both make their debut in the new games.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon comes out for the 3DS on November 18 in most regions and on November 23 in Europe.

Source: YouTube, Serebii

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Nintendo of Europe Announces Special Edition New 3DS XL and SteelBook Cases for Pokémon Sun and Moon

June 22nd, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

Pokemon Sun Moon 3DS XL Limited Edition

A black and white special edition New 3DS XL featuring Solgaleo and Lunala from Pokémon Sun and Moon is coming to Europe this November, Nintendo of Europe confirmed.

Also coming out that month are the Pokémon Sun and Moon Fan Edition releases. These are practically identical to the standard versions, but they come in a collectible SteelBook case.

Source: @NintendoEurope, 2

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals New Pokémon and New Battle Mode

June 14th, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

It’s not all about Zelda today for Nintendo. This morning, to start off their E3 event, the company revealed three new pokémon that will appear in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Pikipek, the Woodpecker Pokémon, is a Normal/Flying-type with the abilities Keen Eye/Skill Link.

Yungoos, the Loitering Pokémon, is a Normal-type that has the abilities Stakeout/Strong Jaw.

The last new pokémon is Grubbin, the Larva Pokémon is a Bug-type with the ability Swarm.

Nintendo also gave us a look at the new Battle Royal mode that will debut in the upcoming games. The Pokémon Sun and Moon website provides a brief description of how the mode will work:

“Each of the four Trainers chooses three Pokémon and sends one Pokémon into battle at a time. The battle is over at the end of any turn when all of the Pokémon of one Trainer have fainted. The players are ranked, and a victor is declared based on the number of Pokémon each defeated and the number of Pokémon each has remaining in play.”

Pokémon Sun and Moon are scheduled to launch on November 18 for most of the world and on November 23 in Europe.

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CoroCoro Reveals Two New Pokémon for Pokémon Sun and Moon

June 11th, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

Pokemon Sun Moon CoroCoro 6-11-2016

Pokemon Sun Moon CoroCoro 01 6-11-2016

Pokemon Sun Moon CoroCoro 02 6-11-2016

Japanese magazine CoroCoro gave everyone their first look at two new pokémon appearing in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

There is the Half-Awake Pokémon Nekkoala. It is a Normal-type with the ability “Definite Sleep,” which prevents it being afflicted with a status other than sleep.

The other newcomer is the Puppy Pokémon Iwanko. It is a Rock-type that can have either the Keen Eye or Vital Spirit abilities.

In related Sun and Moon news, the official Pokémon YouTube channel released a new video showing off Legendary Pokémon Zygarde’s 10% Forme and Complete Forme, both of which will debut in the upcoming pair of games.

Source: Serebii

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Europe Gets Second Mew Distribution Event

June 08th, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

Mew Pokemon Distribution Event 2016

North American Pokémon trainers will have to jump through a few hoops in order to get the Mythical Pokémon Mew if they missed out on last February’s distribution event. People in Europe, on the other hand, will have a considerably easier time. All they have to do is enter the serial code “MEW2016” in their copy of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, X or Y before June 30.

Players will not be able to redeem the code for a second Mew if they already received the pokémon earlier this year.

Source: Serebii

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Manaphy Is This June’s Mythical Pokémon Giveaway

June 03rd, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

Manaphy Distribution Event

The year of Mythical Pokémon distribution events continues this month with the Seafaring Pokémon Manaphy.

The level 100 Water-type has the Hydration ability and knows the following moves:

  • Tail Glow
  • Bubble
  • Water Sport

Manaphy will be available online in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, X and Y via Mystery Gift until June 24. Detailed instructions on how to acquire Manaphy are available on

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