Thimbleweed Park Creator Teases Switch Port

July 08th, 2017 | Category: Uncategorized

Ron Gilbert, one half of the duo that conceived the classic point-and-click adventure Maniac Mansion, released a short video showing his newest game Thimbleweed Park running on the Switch.

While he did not actually confirm the game would be coming to the console, he did mention “multiple Thimbleweed Park console announcements” would be coming next week.

Worth noting in the video is that Gilbert is able to freely switch between Joy-Con and touchscreen controls to navigate.

Thimbleweed Park is currently out for Windows, Mac, Xbox One and Linux.

Source: @grumpygamer

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Champion Max Brass Joins the ARMS Playable Roster Next Week

July 07th, 2017 | Category: Uncategorized

The next free update for ARMS is scheduled for July 12 and will add head of the ARMS League and current champion Max Brass as a playable character.

Like every other ARMS fighter, he has his own special abilities. He can temporarily buff himself up and resist knockdowns when he charges his punches. Also, like Spring Man, his punches will stay charged when his health drops below 25 percent.

Last month, Nintendo released an update for ARMS that added LAN play and spectator mode.

Source: @NintendoAmerica

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eShop Thursday: “Players: TBD” Edition

July 06th, 2017 | Category: Uncategorized

This week, we have Kirby’s Blowout Blast on the 3DS, ACA NEOGEO Metal Slug 2 on the Switch, Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii on the Wii U and a few games with unspecified player counts on their details pages.

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More Fire Emblem Awakening Characters Join Fire Emblem Warriors

July 06th, 2017 | Category: Uncategorized

Nintendo premiered a new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors in time for Japan Expo today, showing off four new playable characters from Fire Emblem Awakening: Lucina, Lissa, Frederick and Robin.

Koei Tecmo’s Fire Emblem-themed Musou will launch on Switch and New 3DS systems this fall.

Source: @NintendoAmerica

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Splatoon 2-Focused Nintendo Direct Airing This Thursday

July 03rd, 2017 | Category: Uncategorized

The next Nintendo Direct is scheduled for 7 a.m. PT this Thursday and will focus on the new features of Splatoon 2, which launches later this month on the Switch.

As with previous Directs, they can be seen on the official Nintendo Twitch page and

Source: @NintendoAmerica

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Footage of Rainway Streaming PC Games to Switch

June 30th, 2017 | Category: Uncategorized

Andrew Sampson, the creator of the Rainway PC streaming app, shared several clips of the program in action, streaming the PC versions of Batman: Arkham Knight, NieR: Automata, Undertale and Overwatch to the Switch.

Minimum PC specifications have not been announced for Rainway, but Sampson did say that he was streaming off an Intel i5-4440 and Radeon RX480. He also told people that they should be able to stream as long as they had “a modern CPU that supports video encoding acceleration” and a dedicated GPU.

Source: @Andrewmd5 [via My Nintendo News]

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eShop Thursday: “New Armor Has Nothing on Undies” Edition

June 29th, 2017 | Category: Uncategorized

The Master Trials, the first of two DLC packs for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, comes out tomorrow. It adds new armor sets, Hard Mode, the ability to create your own warp point, footstep tracking and the Trial of the Master Sword, which allows players to unlock a permanently powered-up Master Sword.

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Item and Online Play Adjustments in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Update 1.2

June 28th, 2017 | Category: Uncategorized

The second update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe since its launch last April is now out and it makes several adjustments to online play, in addition to a few tweaks to items.

The full official change log:

  • Players can use Pikmin-themed amiibo to unlock a Pikmin Suit for the Mii driver.
  • Race rules and course name are now displayed on loading screens for online and wireless play, as well as Mario Kart TV.
  • Players who are behind in online matches will receive items geared toward catching up more frequently.
  • In online matches, no more than two Piranha Plants will be granted as items at the same time.
  • Controls are no longer unresponsive when the timer runs out when choosing a Mii racing suit for online matches.
  • When a player uses an item right after the Super Horn in online matches, that item will now remain available for other players.
  • Item wheel no longer spins continuously in online matches.
  • Online matches now end as intended 30 seconds after the first place racer finishes.
  • The Boomerang now returns to the first slot, if possible, after a player catches it.
  • Items shown in a player’s item slots now display correctly when holding an item behind them.
  • No longer possible to use an item after it has been used to block an attack.
  • Communication errors no longer occur frequently while spectating or after spectating online matches.

Source: Nintendo Support

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This Week in Games: “DIY RPG” Edition

June 25th, 2017 | Category: Uncategorized

With this week’s launch of RPG Maker Fes, you too can now make the RPG of your dreams.

Butts Quest XVII will become reality.

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More Than One Million Switches Sold in Japan

June 24th, 2017 | Category: Uncategorized

Japanese website Dengeki Online reports that, after a little more than three months on the market, the Switch has managed to sell more than one million units in Japan.

Its current pace puts it well ahead of the Wii U, which sold 820,000 units in the same span of time, but still way behind the original Wii, which had sold 1.85 million units.

Earlier this week, Nintendo apologized for not being able to supply enough Switches to meet current demand, and promised that, in July and August, they would increase the amount of units they ship out.

Source: Dengeki Online [via Perfectly Nintendo],

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